Faculty & Staff Directory

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Ms. Mecias gmecias@dadeschools.net
Ms. Mortimer 146473@dadeschools.net
Ms. Altuve ialtuve@dadeschools.net
Ms. Rogers rogersh@dadeschools.net
Ms. Baker MBaker@dadeschools.net
Ms. Spivey sspivey@dadeschools.net
Ms. Hammett 129120@dadeschools.net
Ms. Davalos-Rodriguez sdavalos@dadeschools.net
First Grade
Ms. Chin-Sang mchinsang@dadeschools.net
Ms. Henrich rbhenrich@dadeschools.net
Ms. Friend-Johnson 197509@dadeschools.net
Ms. Collado-Flores collado-flores@dadeschools.net
Ms. Hernandez barbarahernandez!dadeschools.net
Ms. Diaz adiaz02@dadeschools.net
Second Grade
Ms. Santana mpsantana@dadeschools.net
Ms. Roca emroca@dadeschools.net
Ms. Baldriche michellebaldriche@dadeschools.net
Ms. Marcano marcano_y@dadeschools.net
Ms. Boada brandisboada@dadeschools.net
Ms. Yan dawnyan@dadeschools.net
Ms. Vinales vvinales@dadeschools.net
Ms. Eiras racheleiras@dadeschools.net
Third Grade
Ms. Ahye juahye@dadeschools.net
Ms. Almanza falmanza@dadeschools.net
Ms. Rodriguez-Santos krodr01@dadeschools.net
Ms. Terry 184438@dadeschools.net
Ms. Smith arjo22@dadeschools.net
Ms. Rivera 272358@dadeschools.net
Dr. Santerre msanterre@dadeschools.net
Fourth Grade
Ms. Cajuste ncajuste@dadeschools.net
Ms. Capodiferro kcapodiferro@dadeschools.net
Ms. Pacheco pachecoteach@dadeschools.net
Ms. Ruela-Alba dralba@dadeschools.net
Ms. Macia jcast017@dadeschools.net
Ms. Mesa cmesa1@dadeschools.net
Fifth Grade
Ms. Bello msjbello@dadeschools.net
Ms. Kuehnl dkuehnl@dadeschools.net
Mr. Medina mmedina859@dadeschools.net
Ms. Gonzalez damarisgonzalez@dadeschools.net
Ms. Moreira cmoreira@dadeschools.net
Ms. Kraus jkraus@dadeschools.net
Ms. Allmon aallmon@dadeschools.net
Ms. Chirino-Gomez ycgomez@dadeschools.net
Ms. Moody jacquelinemoody@dadeschools.net
Ms. Martinez lcmartinez@dadeschools.net
Ms. Alvarez joannalvarez@dadeschools.net
Ms. Simmons simmonsj@dadeschools.net
Mr. Forte aforte@dadeschools.net
Language Acquisition
Ms. Arechavaleta arechavaleta_l@dadeschools.net
Dr. Humphrey shumphrey@dadeschools.net
Mr. Philippe-Auguste pphiliipeauguste@dadeschools.net
Ms. Lemus mlemus@dadeschools.net
Ms. Angel-Pulgarin bangel@dadeschools.net
Ms. Bertran lbertran@dadeschools.net
Ms. Perez amyperez@dadeschools.net
Individuals and Societies
Ms. Labadie alabadie@dadeschools.net
Mr. Plyler markplyler@dadeschools.net
Mr. Aladro galadro@dadeschools.net
Language and Literature
Ms. Adjamah dadjamah@dadeschools.net
Ms. Eiras jessicaeiras@dadeschools.net
Dr, Laidler tlaidler@dadeschools.net
Ms. Prida jprida@dadeschools.net
Ms. Kratz-Young ckyoung@dadeschools.net
Ms. Wilcox ewilcox@dadeschools.net
Ms. Kasmaii skasmaii@dadeschools.net
Mr. Berrios cberrios@dadeschools.net
Physical and Health Education
Coach Brown ikebrown@dadeschools.net
Coach Marks jhmarks@dadeschools.net
Coach Fernandez willfernandez@dadeschools.net
Ms. Hylton 2815862@dadeschools.net
Ms. Walden cwalden@dadeschools.net
Mr. Malone rmalone@dadeschools.net
Ms. Sheffield csheffield@dadeschools.net
Media Services
Ms. Adjamah dadjamah@dadeschools.net
Ms. Pueschel 271620@dadeschools.net
Student Services
Ms. Makhoul dianamakhoul@dadeschools.net
Ms. Hasboun-Dupuy adupuy@dadeschools.net
Mr. Viola mviola@dadeschools.net
Ms. Broughton abroughton@dadeschools.net Principal's Secretary
Mr. Forte forte_jose@dadeschools.net
Ms. Campillo rcampillo@dadeschools.net ASC Manager
Mr. Miranda mirandad@dadeschools.net ASC Clerk

Mr. Delancy
Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Lopez Ms. Frith
Ms. Perez Ms. Oporta Ms. Figueroa
  Ms. Robinson  
Mr. Johnson
Head Custodian
Mr. Bowens Mr. Mills
Lead Custodian
Mr. Lawrence Mr. Whipple Ms. Martinez
 Ms. Davis Mr. Nelson  
Ms. Ida
Mr. Mills
Mr. Nelson
Mr. Whipple