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UPDATE: HB7069 was recently signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, which provides flexibility for districts to determine how to measure students’ progress, eliminating the state mandate for District designated end-of-course exams to be given in all courses not measured by existing statewide, standardized assessments.   As a result, M-DCPS is taking the following actions:

·        District-Developed End-of-Course (DDEOC) assessments have been eliminated for most of the 300 courses originally targeted for Spring 2015.
o   No elementary-level DDEOCs will be administered.
o   Only 10 middle/senior high school subjects have been identified to be included in a small-scale field test.
o   The results from the field test will not be used in 2014-15.
o   All field tests will be administered as computer-based tests using the Thinkgate platform.
o   It is unlikely that more than 4 or 5 classes would be selected from any school.
o   Principals will be advised if classes within their school have been selected to participate in the field test.

·        No teacher-principal selected end-of-course tests are to be administered, as previously required in state statute. 
o   Teachers shall assign final grades as per standard practice in recent years, and may administer final exams if they wish to do so.

The purpose of the field test is to determine the psychometric properties of the assessments, for administration in subsequent years.  Such assessments would ensure that state-established course content was being delivered consistently across the District, and potentially as a measure of content-specific student achievement to inform teacher evaluation.  The following courses have been identified to be included in the field test: 
·        M/J Comprehensive Science 1  
·        M/J Comprehensive Science 2  
·        Physical Science
·        Chemistry 1
·        Physics 1
·        M/J United States History
·        M/J World History
·        World History
·        Spanish 1
·        Spanish 2

We have not yet been notified if Frank C. Martin K-8 Center has been selected as a Field Test site. As soon as we are informed notice will be issued to the affected students.

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