Monthly Promotions

PYP Reading Promotions 2018-2019


There is no question: Here at Frank C. Martin, students love to read! The Media Center will continue to recognize PYP Top Readers at the end of each quarter based on AR points. We will also celebrate reading success in many other ways. Celebrations and acknowledgements may include:

  • names called on morning announcements
  • names posted on bulletin boards
  • token gifts and incentives like books, candy, pencils, book marks, pizza, ice cream, etc.  

The Media Center staff is eager to identify and acknowledge remarkable readers in each class based on the following schedule and criteria:

Month Theme / Focus Description Deadline
September Goal Busters All students who meet or surpass their AR point goal by midway through first quarter. 9/21/18
October Hispanic Heritage Celebrate Hispanic Heritage — read books written in Spanish and take Spanish language quizzes. 10/19/18
November Nonfiction November Students who take and pass the most quizzes to date on nonfiction titles. 11/16/18
December Teacher's Choice One student from each class selected to receive a special holiday gift based completely on teacher’s discretion. 12/14/18
January Winter Words Students with the highest number of “words read” to date, as measured through AR. 1/11/19
February We LOVE Reading As a special tribute to St. Valentine’s Day, we will honor book lovers who earned the most point during February alone. 2/15/19
March TBD TBD 3/15/19
April School Library Month Students with most library books checked out (with no lost or overdue books), based on Destiny report (not AR). 4/26/19

Note: These recognitions are in addition to the overall Top Readers identified at the end of each quarter. Reports generated for these recognitions will consider student record from 8/20/18 up to stated deadline.

MYP Reading Promotions 2018-2019

Independent reading is a vital component of students’ overall academic growth. MyON is a resource available to all students through the M-DCPS Student Portal. Students are encouraged to use MyON regularly not only to develop and reinforce a variety of reading skills, but also to foster their love of learning. MyON is designed to provide a wide range of reading materials based on student’s interest and reading (Lexile) levels. Many students enjoy the variety of titles available, and the easy accessibility on computers, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. With the majority of MyON titles being nonfiction, students may satisfy their curiosity on topics of interest. Because ALL MYP students have access to MyON, this year, this is the tool being used to monitor, recognize and reward independent reading. Each marking period, Remarkable Readers in each grade level will be recognized based on the following schedule and criteria:

Marking Period Theme / Focus Explanation Deadline
1 Make time for independent reading! Time Spent Reading Report will determine which students at each grade level spent the most time utilizing MyON during the first marking period. 10/12/18
3 Finish what you started! Books Finished Report will determine which students at each grade level opened and completed the most books from the beginning of the school year to deadline date. 3/8/19
4 Notice the remarkable results! Lexile Scores Report will be used to determine which students at each grade level demonstrated the greatest growth in Lexile level from the beginning of the school year until deadline date. 5/17/19

The media center reading promotions are not intended to be a contest. The reading promotions are a way to encourage and celebrate independent reading.