Remarkable Readers

Top Readers 2019

Grade One Spencer, Kymani 70.9; Gonzalez, Julien 69.7; Eyo, Uduak 57.1; Thomas, Grace 38.9; Brown, Danericka 37.3
Grade Two Nyangenyo, Jayden 248.3; Owuamanam, Derek 143.1; Marcel, Valentina 140.4; Pavon, Megany 101.3; Lynch, Kapri 97.5
Grade Three Hills, Ayden 132.8; Compas, Daniel 117.4; Scarlett, Corey 102.6; Arteaga, Angelina 97.4; Watson, Omari 95.7
Grade Four Labadie, Robert 456.1; Owuamanam, Michelle 313.4; Francisco, Oziel 199.2; Okonkwo, Ikenna 195.4; Ebanks, Jonathan 187.3
Grade Five Owuamanam, Jason 400.5; Santos, Andre 394.0; Bergman, Caleb 377.2; Tadros, Daniel 234.9; Rozner, Sebastian 156.4

IB in Books

See what your peers think about books with characters who demonstrate IB Learner Profile traits:

Percy Jackson shows the IB Learner Profile of Caring. He shows that he's caring throughout the book as his goal is to save his mother, even if that meant going to the underworld and back. Percy also stuck by his friends and refused to leave any of them behind in the underworld. He successfully saves his mother, while making new friends along the way. Submitted by Lucy Xu.

In this story, there was a woman named Ella, who displays the IB Profiles Caring and Risk-taker. She was born into slavery but loved to sing. No amount of pain and hurt could hide her voice. Her biggest desire was to go to school. After the civil war ended, when Ella and all the other slaves were freed she went to school through many trials and tribulations. She joined the jubilee singers who got their name because it meant time of hope and freedom. They were a very good singing group and towards the end of the story they became popular for their songs. Submitted by Cameron Bennett.

This book is about the life of Marie Curie. Marie Curie reflects the IB profile Inquirer. She was a famous physicist who discovered the elements radium and polonium. She also studied radiation of all compounds containing the known radioactive elements, including uranium and thorium, which she later discovered were also radioactive. She won the Nobel Prize twice.She was always studying radioactivity and relentlessly pursued more knowledge of radioactive material than ever conceived before. Her husband Pierre died of exposure to radioactive substances, and she was also infected with a blood disease due to the exposure of radioactive materials. Before she died, she taught at the Radium Institute in Paris, France and gave inspirational lectures to women all across the world. She was a very influential woman. Submitted by Gabriel Santos.

This book is about Lizzie Stanton and a few other women who display the IB Profile Risk-Taker by demonstrating that they should have the same rights as men, no matter what anybody thinks. Fritz maintains her reputation for fresh and lively historical writing with this biography of the 19th-century American feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), imparting to her readers not just a sense of Stanton's accomplishments but a picture of the greater society Stanton strove to change. Stanton is first introduced in girlhood, mastering task after task in a futile effort to prove to her father that she was "just as good as any boy." She didn’t care what people thought. She just did it. Submitted by Taylor Kranwinkel.

The main character, Mary Elouis, shows the IB Profile of Caring. She is a young girl who desperately wants to be in her school's Black History Month play. Several times in the story, Elouis shows compassion for the people she loves. An example would be Big Momma. According to chapter 5, page 80, the author, Eleanor E. Tate, wrote, “’Hey, Big Momma.’ I leaned my head out and gave Big Momma a kiss on the cheek.” This demonstrates that she shows that she is caring of others. Even though she doesn’t have to she does. Mary cherishes the friends and family she cares for. On greeting them, she not only says hello but also gives them a kiss and maybe even a hug. Submitted by Taylor Kranwinkel.

The character Mateo is very caring. He is caring because he worried about Rosaflor's health and tried to convince her to stop eating unhealthy. Rosaflor was very stubborn but Mateo kept trying to convince her to stop. Throughout the book he shows that he wants Rosaflor to be healthy which is very caring. Submitted by Riley Joseph.

The main character showed a reflective trait. In the beginning she disobeyed her parents because she was mad that her parents kept telling her no. In the end, she realized she was being disrespectful. She apologized to her parents and they forgave her. Submitted by Jaelyn Davis.

The main character, Willy, is a thinker because he loves to dream about interesting things likke being a giant or a king. He dreams all the time of being someone else like a painter or an author, which shows that he enjoys using his imagination. Submitted by Gianfranco Caro.

The caterpillar shows the IB traits of a risk-taker. The caterpillar shows these traits by eating 16 different types of different foods. For example; it ate apples, pears, plums, strawberries, oranges, and cake to name a few. Trying anything new makes you a risk-taker. Submitted by Jacob Leong.

The main character Prietita reflects the IB Learner Profile of being a risk-taker. Prietita asks la curandera if she could find the healing plant for her mother because of her sickness. Her response is "Well, I know there is some in the woods of the King ranch. But it is dangerous to go in there. I've heard that they shoot respassers." Even though Prietita knows she can get hurt, she is willing to go into the woods. This shows that being a risk-taker is not always a bad thing!! Submitted by Faith Wright.

I read "Willy El Timido" about a shy gorilla named Willy. Willy shows a caring attitude because of his kindness in saving an old lady who was being robbed by bullies. He helps her as she was being robbed by the same bullies that harassed him before. He scared them away and taught them a lesson about being caring. The old lady was so thankful for Willy's kindness and caring. Submitted by Gabriel Santos.

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